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Local 4730 Merges into 4818 & Grows Worker Power in Indiana

This past summer, Locals 4818 and 4730 underwent a historic merger! As many might remember, it was from the hard-working efforts of many members and organizers from Local 4818 that Local 4730, representing support and technical staff from Indiana University, was voted to come to the Bloomington and Northwest campuses in 1994. 

Local 4818 historically represented workers in the private sector in the Telecommunications industries. Local 4730 has represented what used to be known as clerical and support staff at Indiana University, which is in the public sector. Both operate under the regulations of the National Labor Relations board but from a different point of view. Local 4818 has binding negotiated contracts with the various companies it represents. Local 4730 has Conditions of Operation from the IU Board of Trustees and IUHR policies which are discussed every three years.  But as differently as they operate, both are governed by the Constitution of the Communications Workers of America, with international headquarters in Washington, DC. Both are also under the leadership of District 4, which represents Locals in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Local 4818 has been in the private sector and Local 4730 in the Public, Healthcare and Education Workers Sector.

The decision to merge was not taken lightly and it is important to note that it was a choice that was carefully considered before a vote was taken. The benefits for the support staff at IU far outweigh any losses. The IU Unit understands that it will keep its identity with its connection to IU. Elections will be done differently but, at the same time, any member can run for Local offices.

Since the vote by the members to merge, Local 4730 has become the IU Unit of Local 4818. Although the stewards are the same, the bylaws, officers, executive board have been dissolved. There is now the Executive Vice-President of the IU Unit (Linda Gales), who is on the executive board of Local 4818, a Vice-President of the Bloomington Campus (Toni Arcuri) and a Vice-President of the Northwest Campus (Tameka White). All business transactions and records are through Local 4818 presided over by the President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer.

Another “1st” this summer is that long-time President of Local 4818 Justin Hawkins, who had been sent to the IU campus to assist with the growth in membership which is necessary to stay in operation, has moved on to a different position. He is now the District 4 Chief Organizer and is putting his years of experience to good use by helping other Locals to grow, as well as supporting new groups who want to unionize throughout the District to become either self-sufficient locals.

This change also brought more changes to Local 4818, as former Vice President Ric Spires became President, and member Jamie Ginter was appointed as interim and then elected Vice President. Bryan Andrick remains the Secretary-Treasurer.

Merging the two locals is definitely an ongoing process and good progress is being made. The IU email address has been changed to The logo for Local 4730 has been changed to 4818. The members meetings are now held in the Union Hall at 3880 E 3rd St, and the IU unit office is being maintained at 400 E 7th St, Rm 832.